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Just Dance -___- OR NOT.

It Just Got Real.


Eric Ravilious - The Greenhouse Cylamen + Tomatoes - 1935
A picture like this inspires #Healthy living doesn’t it? Imagine us all eating food that we planted? Certainly it would taste better; than the pesticides and the germ driven processed foods we settle 4. If u can; stop by your local market and get a fresh tomato or a basket of cyclamen 2 put on your table. A labyrinth of never ending living things somehow allows you to find peace with natures friends. :) Some of the most calmest people I’ve met are those who tend to flowers or plants. :)


Some guy in #Nola who taught me a bit about pimping by his shirt. #Inspiration ; so eye am a πMP by the DuRag; Grandfather’s Hat, and a gold chain…. Although I am missing a diamond encrusted cane but that will come later…

In The Light; A thief can hide all; save his eyes. Melting away at what he wants…all he sees is desire. So his eyes are like ice. The situation of his desire begins to liqualify: because of the heat of what he wants…once captivated one begins to reckon with the power of glaciers. The density is vast and often covered with sheets…but this ain’t about ice but the melting of what eye want. Oh lord have mercy; eyes are fire. Indeed.
#Eyes #Thief #Poem #Desire #EyeWantU #JustWrittenOutOfWantingSomeFood

Everything is all #Good till U get that #Unexpected Touch. #Lol - Not that the touch is not coming from a good place but I am not sure if I know U well enough! Stranger; Danger!
I need this #Shirt!!! Hahahahahahaha



1800s spy camera

Eye Got My Eye On U…Spy Wise!

Bag Of Emoticon!

Bag Of Emoticon!

Sir Roland Penrose - Le Grand Jour 1938

Shoots of #Surrealism in the prism of the sky! Notice the bizarre mentions of militant clothing? What about the star fish drawing out the mathamatical lines to a tube of fluid? The text of Rain and the building which shines below the fish in the sky. Naked schemes all exposed by the light of varient art! All of these connections are shy to multi-colored textures seen….
#Mind + #Art + #Soul

You know, I’m a professional air guitarist! Just ask Carlos Santana!

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Comeback - Prince

Walking up the stairs, just the afternoon
Sweet wind blew, not a moment too soon
Hoo, I cry when I realized
That sweet wind was you

Spirits come and spirits go
Some stick around for the after show
Don’t have to say I miss you
(Don’t have to say I miss you)
‘Cause I think you already know

If you ever lose someone
Dear to you
Never say the words, they’re gone

They’ll come back, yeah
They’ll come back, yeah yeah
They’ll come back

Tears go here
Tears go here
Tears go here